From the Ashes of the Old: Socialism for a New Tomorrow. Democratic Socialists of America Virtual Convention: 8/1-8/8

2021 DSA Pre-Convention Rules, Preliminary Agenda Released

The 2021 DSA Pre-Convention Rules have been released! You can find the full document here.

And we’re glad to share the agenda for the pre-convention conferences and the tentative agenda for the Convention. We are still committed to making this the biggest convention yet and hope this helps in members making a decision about whether to run for delegate. Click here to view the agendas. Please note that committee reports, debate and voting will take place on Sunday 8/1 and Thursday 8/5 through Sunday 8/8. These dates are required for Convention delegates. The Thursday and Friday debate blocks will be from 6pm CT-9pm. The remaining time will include training sessions, panels, and self-organized time. No convention activities are scheduled before 5pm CT Monday through Friday.

At-Large Delegate Election Results

At-Large delegate elections closed Tuesday, 6/1. Nominees were notified of the results by Friday, 6/4. Results were also posted on the At-Large Delegate Elections page and emailed to At-Large members. “At-Large” is defined as members who do not belong to a chapter. Based on DSA’s National Constitution and Bylaws, members of Organizing Committees are considered At-Large Members of DSA for Convention purposes. All At-Large members in good standing were eligible to vote in the At-Large Delegate Election. For more information on nominations and voting for At-Large delegates, you can read the At-Large Delegate Elections page here.

2021 Convention Programming Proposals

The Programming Subcommittee has accepted submissions on topics for plenaries, workshops, and trainings. They’ve designed a rubric to help guide comrades who have programming suggestions. Members in good standing could submit programming proposals for plenaries, workshops, and to request self-organized time by May 14th. The Programming Committee is now considering submitted proposals.

First Draft of Platform Released

The first draft of our national platform has been released. Members will have the opportunity to proved feedback as part of the process to shape the political platform that will be discussed at the 2021 National Convention. You can find more information here.

Resolutions and Bylaws and Constitutional Changes

As in years past, members in good standing were invited to submit resolutions and bylaws/constitutional changes to the convention. The submissions period opened Monday 2/22 and closed on Thursday, 4/15.

For resolutions and bylaws/constitutional changes to be considered, they must have included 100 signatures from members in good standing when submitted.

A compendium of resolutions and bylaws/constitutional changes submitted is available here. You can find the form to submit secondary amendments to these here as well. Any member or group of DSA members in good standing may propose secondary amendments to the resolutions and constitution/bylaws amendments until the submissions period for amendments closes Tuesday, June 15, 2021.