DSA National Platform Development

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Platform Amendment Process

This second draft is the baseline of what delegates will discuss at the 2021 National Convention. It involves many hours of work to incorporate input from individual members and national committees. The Platform and Resolutions Committee thanks everyone who gave feedback through the form and in discussions at our Pre-Convention Conferences. Amendments submitted by the Thursday 7/15 deadline are under review.

  • The deadline to submit amendments was midnight on Thursday, 7/15
  • Amendments required 250 signatures from members in good standing
  • Each amendment could only pertain to one section of the platform
  • An author could submit a maximum of 4 amendments
  • Amendments must be politically substantive. Style edits, copy edits, or other language edits that are not substantive will not be considered
  • Amendments adding new platform planks, removing existing planks, or reordering planks will not be accepted.
  • Platform planks are listed in alphabetical order, with the exception of Deepening and Strengthening Democracy, which the Platform and Resolutions Subcommittee voted to place first in order to foreground our commitment to political and economic democracy as necessary conditions to achieve a democratic socialist society

You can learn more about the platform development process in this interview with National Political Committee members.