Proposal Compendium

For member convenience, the compendium sections are broken down below. The compendium includes the text of the submitted proposals, the names of the proposing member(s), a summary provided by the NPC, and a Budget and Finance committee cost estimate for each.

A PDF version of the compendium of resolutions and bylaws/constitutional changes is available here.

NOTE: The compendium was updated 5/14 to add an additional resolution after re-review of submitted signatures (Resolution 38: A Socialist Horizon). It was also updated 6/11 to indicate changes in how “top national priority” priced resolutions should be understood, as well as amendments to the costs of resolutions numbers 1, 8, 20, and 37. This compendium includes all proposals submitted with at least 100 signatures from members in good standing.

Consent Agenda

Based on the Convention Delegate Survey, twelve resolutions have been added to the consent agenda. You can find the consent agenda resolutions list here. The consent agenda groups a number of Resolutions and/or Constitution/Bylaws changes into a single agenda item. This allows us to save time by voting on well-liked proposals together and move on to debating more contentious items.

Proposal Process and Deadlines

As in years past, members in good standing were invited to submit resolutions and bylaws/constitutional changes to the convention. The submissions period opened Monday 2/22 and closed on Thursday, 4/15.

For resolutions and bylaws/constitutional changes to be considered, they must have included 100 signatures from members in good standing when submitted.

Any member or group of DSA members in good standing was able to propose secondary amendments to the resolutions and constitution/bylaws amendments until the submissions period for amendments closed Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

Please note that resolution amendments required 100 signatures from members in good standing. Constitution/Bylaws change amendments required 250 signatures from members in good standing.