• Early bird registration ($25) starts on May 15th and ends June 30th
  • Regular registration ($50) starts on July 1st and closes July 15th
  • To help cover Convention costs, there is an optional Solidarity registration ($144), which is the full cost per delegate, as well as an option to donate what you can
  • Delegates and alternates can apply for a scholarship to cover registration fees. Scholarship applications are due by Wednesday, 6/30. Details will be included in the registration memo.

More details will be provided to chapter leaders and at-large members in the registration memos to be released May 7th. Registration memos will cover how to submit delegate election results, how to receive the registration payment page, and other next steps.

Please note that committee reports, debate and voting will take place on Sunday 8/1 and Thursday 8/5 through Sunday 8/8. These dates are required for Convention delegates. The Thursday and Friday debate blocks will be from 6pm CT-9pm. The remaining time will include training sessions, panels, and self-organized time. No convention activities are scheduled before 5pm CT Monday through Friday.

DSA members in good standing who are not delegates or alternates can register as observers. Observers will receive viewer access to deliberative sessions only. The registration deadline is Thursday, 7/15.