Scholarships, Accessibility, and How You Can Help

What kinds of financial and accessibility support are available to Convention delegates?

Delegates, alternates, NPC members, and NPC candidates can apply for a scholarship to cover registration fees. Scholarship applications are due by Wednesday, 6/30. Application details have been sent to Convention delegates.

As part of the registration process, delegates can also request child care assistance, tech support funds, and accessibility accommodations such as captions or subtitles.

How can I help make the 2021 Convention accessible to everyone?

To win the world we want, we need all of our comrades at the table — including DSA members who are parents, who are struggling to make ends meet, or who live in places with limited internet access. That’s what the Solidarity Fund is all about! Support your comrades by making a gift to the Solidarity Fund online, or mail a check to PO Box 1038, New York, NY 10273 with “solidarity fund” in the memo line.

Your gift to the Solidarity Fund directly supports:

  • Waiving all or part of registration costs for conferences, conventions and trainings
  • Childcare subsidies for parents who need to find childcare for kids at home in order to attend conferences and trainings
  • Accessibility needs such as captioning for the virtual convention 
  • Reimbursement for data hotspots and data overages for people living in rural areas or who have limited internet access

How else can I support the 2021 DSA Convention?

Place an ad in the Solidarity Journal and celebrate working class power with us! Send a message of solidarity, celebrate a comrade, or submit an ad to DSA’s virtual program journal for the 2021 National Convention. The deadline to submit ads is Friday, 7/2.

Journal space is available in three sizes. Ads should be sent as PNG files, color or black & white.

  • Full Page (9×6 inches)
  • Half Page (4.5×6 inches)
  • Quarter Page (4.5×3 inches) 

Please note that Solidarity Journal messages advocating for or against any convention proposal, NPC candidate, slate or DSA caucus will not be accepted.